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Spooky favourite ‘The ‘X’ Zone’ returns to Niagara radio


Monday, November 20, 2023



Spooky favourite ‘The ‘X’ Zone’ returns to Niagara radio

Paranormal show back where it started 30 years ago

by John Law

Host Rob McConnell and his late night paranormal radio show “The ‘X’ Zone” is back on Niagara airwaves.

It starts next Monday on CFAJ 1220-AM.


“The ‘X’ Zone” is coming home.

The long-running paranormal radio show hosted by Niagara’s Rob McConnell will return next week to the station it started on 30 years ago — 1220 AM. The former CHSC is now CFAJ, offering a slate of homegrown shows to go with its mix of ’60s to ’90s music.

A longtime favourite of late night listeners, McConnell’s show probes ghost stories, alien conspiracies and the unexplainable with a newstalk approach. It was last on Niagara airwaves 21 years ago on 610 CKTB before moving to Brock University station CFBU. It was then syndicated by Liberty Works Radio Network and then moved to TalkStar Radio Network.

Before the show resumes Monday at 1220 AM, McConnell checked in for a Q&A:

Review: It has been a long road back to 1220 AM for “The ‘X’ Zone.” How does it feel to be home again?


McConnell: “It has truly been the adventure of a lifetime. Starting Monday, Nov. 27, 2023, ‘The ‘X’ Zone’ radio show will be back on Hometown Radio, Classic 1220, CFAJ, in St. Catharines, airing Monday through Friday at 11 p.m. Eastern. The opportunity for my wife Laura and I to be back in St. Catharines, where I can collaborate with familiar broadcast professionals, feels incredible, as if everything has come full circle. Some may call it karma, but I call it being in The ‘X’ Zone.”

Review: “The ‘X’ Zone” was born during the height of “The X-Files” popularity 30 years ago. Are many of the issues and stories you talked about back then still relevant today?

McConnell: “Absolutely! Many of the issues and stories discussed at that time continue to be relevant today. The world remains captivated by mysteries, ranging from UFO sightings to cryptozoological creatures. Additionally, conspiracy theories and government coverups continue to pique interest and fuel discussions. While some topics may evolve or new ones may emerge, the fascination with unexplained phenomena persists and keeps these issues relevant in today’s society. ‘The ‘X’ Zone’ serves as a platform for exploring and delving into these timeless mysteries that continue to capture the imagination of many.”

Review: Ever cover a story that genuinely scared you?

McConnell: “Not really. While I try to maintain a sense of skepticism and objectivity, encountering unsettling paranormal events and investigating mysterious phenomena can certainly stir up emotions in even the most seasoned journalist and broadcaster. Some stories have touched upon topics that resonate deeply with primal fears, such as encounters with the supernatural or unexplained phenomena. It is these stories that remind me of the profound mysteries and uncertainties that surround us, and they serve as a constant reminder of the importance of seeking the truth and understanding the unknown.”

Review: It seems there’s a new UFO/alien discovery story every week. Are you worried that the sheer glut of them will distort the moment that actual proof of extraterrestrial life is discovered?

McConnell: “It is indeed possible that this influx may dilute the significance of any genuine evidence of extraterrestrial life that is eventually discovered. With so many sensationalized claims circulating in the media, it becomes increasingly challenging to differentiate between genuine scientific breakthroughs and mere speculation. This oversaturation of reports can create skepticism and desensitize the public, making it harder for them to recognize and appreciate any substantial evidence when it does come to light.

“However, as researchers and investigators in this field, it is our responsibility to carefully examine and scrutinize every claim, ensuring that any real evidence is given the thorough evaluation it deserves.”

Review: Is there an end date for “The ‘X’ Zone?” How long do you think the show can continue?

McConnell: “While I understand that every venture has a natural lifespan, I remain steadfast in my dedication to ‘The ‘X’ Zone.’ As long as there are fresh, captivating narratives waiting to be unravelled, intriguing guests eager to engage, and a devoted audience who craves this type of content, I am resolute in my commitment to sustaining the show, providing an essential platform for these captivating discussions.”

Starting Nov. 27, “The ‘X’ Zone” airs Monday to Friday at 11 p.m. on CFAJ 1220-AM.